Apple Linux Mac Troubleshoot Windows

Mac Black Grey Blue Screen Crash troubleshooting

Collection Procedure (kernel panic)
looking for panic.log/Library/Logs

Kernel Panic FAQ

CrashLogger (application failure)
user’s home directory~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.crash.log)/var/log/system.log

Hardware Test (PowerPC)

Hardware Test (Intel)

Example to identify kernel panic:

Linux Mac SSH Troubleshoot Windows

Mac Toolkit – Troubleshooting

adium – Chat client for Mac
zterm – console and ssh/telnet program for Mac

Linux Mac Troubleshoot Windows

Mac Troubleshooting Basics

1. Repair Disk permissions

2. Run all remaining mac provided SW/OS updates (none critical)

3. Onyx optimization
3.0 download and install –>
3.1 “update” system optimization
3.2 execute daily, weekly & monthly maint. scripts
3.3 update LaunchServices database (requires hard boot)
3.4 clean user & system caches, logs & indexes
3.5 clear user preference files (will cause icons to auto align on desktop)

4. Diskwarrior disk optimization (requires boot from CD-Rom)

Linux Stop 7B Troubleshoot Windows

Stop7B Windows STOP Errors

Stop7B Windows STOP Errors