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Amazon S3 Command Line Utilities for Windows

I’ve searched high and low for a good all around command line utility to interact with Amazon S3 buckets from Windows.  While I’m still searching for just the right utility for me here are a few which I use from time-to-time.   Why use more than one, you ask?  Well, since I haven’t found just the right one for all occasions I use the one that works best for the particular task at hand.

S3.exe is a Windows command-line utility for Amazon’s S3 & EC2 web services that requires no installation, is a single .EXE file with no DLLs, and requires only .NET 2.0 or Mono, so it will work on a plain Windows installation.

Key Features

  • Efficiently uploads and downloads large numbers of files (or whole directories) between Amazon S3 and Windows PCs.
  • Everything is in one .EXE. Nothing to install or configure, just download it where it’s needed and run it.
  • Doesn’t require anything except .NET 2.0 or Mono.
  • Works well in an automated backup solution or as an ad-hoc system administration tool.
  • Can split large files into chunks for upload without creating any temporary files on disk.
  • Can use HTTP HEAD command to quickly determine which files don’t need to be uploaded because they haven’t been updated (/sync).
  • Support for various EC2 operations as well.

CloudBerry Explorer PowerShell Snap-in
CloudBerry Explorer offers PowerShell extension to manage file operations across Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and file system.  The CloudBerry Explorer PowerShell Snap-in allows using the majority of Amazon S3 functionality. You can combine CloudBerry Explorer commands with PowerShell commands. PowerShell is designed to operate with Net objects, so you are not limited with command syntax. You can write complicated scripts with loops and conditions. You can schedule periodical tasks like data backup or cleanup.

#Sh3ll (Amazon S3 command shell for C#)
#Sh3ll (pronounced sharp-shell) is a C# based command shell for managing your Amazon S3 objects.  It is open source and provided by SilvaSoft (click to download #sh3ll and for more information). #Sh3ll is built upon the Amazon S3 REST C# library, and it runs on both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0.

Also from SilvaSoft:

  • Sh3ll – Amazon S3 command shell for Java
  • rSh3ll – Amazon S3 command shell for Ruby