Linux PureText Utility Windows

Copy and paste text sans the formatting

Traditionally to remove formatting (fonts, size, etc.) from being carried over during copy/paste you had to do something like paste the text to notepad, copy it from notepad then paste it to the final destination. Enter the handy utility PureText, which enables copying text only – no additional crap.

PureText helps you removing rich formatting from text such as font face, font style, font color, paragraph styles, margins and etc without changing the actual text content. Once PureText is launched and running, it will run as “PT” tray icon. There are 2 ways you can paste the text without original format. First one is to click on “PT” icon to remove text formatting or alternatively users can utilize hot-key to paste the text instead of using standard CTRL+V. The default hot-key used to paste text without formatting is WINDOWS+V. However, you are allowed to change the default hot-key to your own preference in Options menu.

PureText is free and runs on Windows 7 / Vista / XP, etc.