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Copying ElasticFox Tags from One Browser to Another

The ElasticFox Firefox extension allows you to tag EC2 instances, EBS volumes, EBS snapshots, Elastic IPs, and AMIs. ElasticFox’s tags are stored locally within Firefox, so if you use ElasticFox from more than one browser your tags from one browser are not visible in any other browser.  Also, if your browser crashes you may lose your tags – so back them up.

Manually Copy ElasticFox Tags
Use this method to manually copy ElasticFox tags for backup or copy to another machine.

  1. Open about:config (enter about:config in address field of Firefox.
  2. In the filter field enter the word, “tags.”
  3. Copy entries with data in the value field such as:
    1. ec2ui.eiptags…
    2. ec2ui.instancetags…
    3. ec2ui.volumetags…
    4. ec2ui.snapshotTags…

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