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How to Start Networking in BackTrack 4

Since BackTrack 4 (Pre-Release and Beta) doesn’t start networking by default you have to manually start it.  Here’s how to start it manually:

/etc/init.d/networking start

If you have installed BackTrack 4 to disk you can enable networking to start at boot using:

update-rc.d networking defaults

And finally, you can start wireless networking in BackTrack 4 using:

/etc/init.d/NetworkManager start

* Make sure the ‘N’ and ‘M’ in NetworkManager are capitalized.

Don’t forget the basic Linux command to view your IP address and network Status in BackTrack:


And for wireless networking:


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2 replies on “How to Start Networking in BackTrack 4”

Or, follow these steps:
"K Menu" > Services > NETWORK > Start NETWORK ;)and you'll be able to use your internet.

this didnt work for me, /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start

first i had to run the /etc/init.d/networking start
then for wireless i ran /etc/init.d/wicd start

that worked for me, the NetworkManager did not for some reason…
thanks for this! it helped me get my interfaces up!

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